There is a type of honey called ‘mad honey”, and yes, it can get you high!


The story of “mad honey” starts in Nepal. It is a dark, reddish honey.  It contains an ingredient from rhododendron nectar called grayanotoxin, which is a natural neurotoxin. In small quantities, it brings on light-headedness and sometimes, hallucinations.


They are not only in Turkey. But the most famous ones are the Mad Honey from Nepal and the Mad honey from Turkey (Deli bal), which is most common in the region fringing the Himalayan mountains — the biggest honey-producing region in Nepal. It is produced from rhododendrons, and these plants grow in vast areas, all over the world!


The Himalayan mountains provide the perfect habitat for these flowers to grow in monocrop-like swaths. Bees arrive in these fields, where there are no other flowers, so no other nectar gets mixed in. It results a pure, potent honey.


Why are the Nepals producing it?


Because they are using it as medicine. 

It treats hypertension, diabetes mellitus and some different stomach diseases. And, some people use deli bal to improve their sexual performance.


The honey is taken in small amounts, sometimes boiled in milk, and consumed just before breakfast. This means it is considered medicine and taken likewise, not on toast or with tea.