• Alex Kourov

About Mad Honey

Mad honey is harvested in the Himalayas in Nepal. Nepalese eat this honey every day to improve their health. Small quantities of this honey have a positive effect on the nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Also if you eat a little more than a normal dose (2-3 tablespoons), you can feel get high and relax. Review from a person who has travelled to Nepal and tried wild honey for the first time:

"I have eaten two teaspoons, the quantity recommended by honey hunters and approximately in 15 minutes have begun to feel something, similar to a weed. It seemed to me that my body cools down, since a nape and down. The deep, ice, but at the same time hot feeling has stopped in a stomach — and all this proceeded several hours." — David Caprara, Traveler

You can buy this magic Mad Honey in Nepal and there at online store We deliver natural honey, which is extracted in Nepal all over the world.

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