• Alex Kourov


Let's talk about advantage of Mad Honey for people. Nepalese eat this honey every day because it favorably affects an organism, is more specific on the vascular system, and in general affects digestion as energy drink.

Miracle nectar restores, raises immunity and will mobilize protective functions of an organism. We studied all useful properties of honey in depth:

1 / The main useful property of Mad Honey - its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-virus action. Honey contains a lot of potassium - he is responsible for high ability to destroy bacteria.

2 / Mad Honey increases the power level and vitality, helps for fatigue, well influences an emotional state at breakdown and depressions and improves a dream. It saves from feeling of nausea and normalizes work of a stomach.

3 / Regular consumption of honey, despite its caloric content and the increased content of sugar, helps to lose weight as it effectively splits fat.

Mad honey is very useful natural wealth and we are proud that we have an opportunity to share with you it.



















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